Photo Album of Tounament Blood Siege (Sabbat Masters) | Sunday 08 December 2002
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Kamel is OK
Seems to be weeny vote...
Peyman, Alex, Jean-No & Klav
Do you want to deal?
Khamsing and Nicolas (on the left), Anarchs from Aulnay
What? A Priscus drinks no bier?
Christophe influences delicious Vasantasena out =)
ZBA and his shambling Hordes
!Toreador vs Gargoyles
Miller laughs
Start of the Final Round, François Morand's influence phase
Forground Kamel, background, Richter
François just bled for 9
Dramatic Upheaval, François and Nicolas switch places
Nicolas Wargny, the winner (weenie PRE Vote)
Madness of the anarchs of Aulnay