Photo Album of Tounament Fire Dance | Saturday 07 December 2002
Be carefull, photo are in high resolution so it can take a while to display at full size.

First round
Vince, Christophe, Reyda & ZBA
World famous Reyda!
Two Prisci, mirroring...
Kamel's got the Edge on his head!
Julien, between Tzimisces & Ahrimanes
Marc, Peyman, Kamel & Klav
Julien & ZBA
Sebastien, Jeremy & Benoit
Marc just got the Edge
Funny Edge
Second room
Vince, Dimple, Benoit & Kamel
Peyman's girlies in action
Camille/Stéphanie well equipped
Priscus rest
Laurent lucky looser?
Christophe and Christophe, finalists (on the left)
The right side of the final
And the left side
Miller judging (standing)
This is the end!
That's it!
Christophe Baltazar, the winner