Photo Album of Tounament Toreador Conclave | Saturday 20 July 2002
Be carefull, photo are in high resolution so it can take a while to display at full size.

Beginning of play, serenity on gangrel face
Pilcore entranced by serpentis cards
Smilling !gangrels
JeanNo, kewl as usual
Revelation on tremeres
JeanNo's Tzimisces check the threats of the Blood Brothers
Ventrue's from Paris north suburbs observ
The Prince of Chatelereault
Richter and his nossi friends
Good fun with ZBA Brujahs
!Ventrue vs Ravnos
Fight Club
Ze Brujah Archon
Jeremy, the Gate keeper
Lasombra vs Setites, we will meet them again on final round
Good fun at La Guilde des Jeux
Miller listen to the deal
Reverend Blackwood playing baali
the unfamous !nosferatu warriors
the mythic table where ZBA will break a Deal
Deal breaking in Progress...
Deal breaking in Progress...
Miller and Blackwood
Beginning of the final Round, Ventrue, !Ventrue, Setites, Tzimisce et Lasombra
Miller at small final round
Setites and Lasombra are well developped
Winner, Pierre (Lasombra), second, Pilcore (Setites)