Photo Album of Tounament Sunrise service | Saturday 25 May 2002
Be carefull, photo are in high resolution so it can take a while to display at full size.

A very cool table, Gangrel/Pot, Lasombra/Giovanni DOM/POT, classic Brujah combat
1st round and the horrible weenie/PRE/vote deck stunt the other players
Good mood at the Malkavian table
Brujah were well represented that night.
A Baali deck dying quietly
Our dear Head Judge, Miller
Coffee break
Frank B. aka Ze Brujah Archon
A Ravnos Mass Reality deck
Another Ravnos deck, Sensory Dep + Salubri
Cold meal at 2AM
Anarch kick my ass
A lovely edge
The weenie Lids deck of Baron2ni know how to be respected
Final Round start, Miller our head judge keep an eye on table
5:15 AM, good fun at final round
Many players to watch the final round
J.C. feels very tied
Miller (standing) and J.C. look very interested by an action on the other side of the table.
Lovely edge, Nosferatu are near...