Photo Album of Tounament Creation Rites | Thursday 11 July 2002
Be carefull, photo are in high resolution so it can take a while to display at full size.

back of Reverend Blackwood
Calm before tempest
1st round for richter (end of table, on the right)
JC's Tzimisce are waiting for Benoit's Tremere
!Toreador table
Worldwide known Legbiter
!Tremere table
Aurora at work
Reydino's Giovanni
!Malkavian table
Dimple influences one of his lovely gals
Dave's wondering about kicking Barney's ass
Bloody hand at !Nosferatu table !
TPOTH's handful of combat cards
François Morand (left) at the !Ventrue table
Weenie Potence, Ventrue vote, weenie chimerstry, weenie dominate, Blood Brothers... (clockwise)
Handful of bloody prizes!
The Prince of Paris and Richter
Prizes distribution by Aurora and Reverend Blackwood
The final round begins
Kamel, calm and quiet!
Argue between Kamel and François
Kamel wins a Jyhad set
Kamel, the winner, bowing!
Prince of Paris recieving Kamel's prize for his birthday
Wake up Dimple!
Miller and Tony in torpor, after the tourney
Tzimisce Protector of the Haven, still awake