Sabbat In France

We are of group of players with varied backgrounds, brought together by the same passion we have for the CCG Vampire: the Eternal Struggle. Since Paris has been the backdrop of our most heated games, it is here that we have decided to create Sabbat in France.

To our disappointment, Parisan events have so far lacked the charm associated with friendly play, so we have taken upon ourselves to organise our own tournaments where competiton will not overshadow the game. We are aware of the amount of work this endeavour represents (thanks again to all those who have taken on their time this past few years to support the French VTES community), but it is not the first time we attempted such a thing. Hence, we shall honour this Sabbat year by a first official VEKN-sanctionned tournament where we will favour and reward good play and mood, aided by a copious amount of prizes.
Four official tournaments, one per season, will become the backbone of the year, and a special Masters Tournament will be slotted to allow the best players of each Sabbat tournament to fight one more time in the Eternal Struggle. We do not exclude the possibility of having non-official tournaments using variants of the game, if we so fancy (we already have scores of wierd and wonderful ideas on this particular subject :->)...

In this web-site, you will find information concerning our upcoming tournaments, online application forms for said tournaments, reports, rants and comments, useful links, killer decks and many many more. Feel free to come back often and watch our baby grow (careful, he's teething right now...some really sharp canines...).

Great games to you all and we shall see you very soon.

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